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The All-American Road Trip

The open road. While not as enjoyable now as it was when we were kids, the road trip can still be a fun experience. Sometimes the experience along the way can be more memorable than the destination itself.

While having a "road trip worthy" vehicle is not a necessity, it sure can help make the trip more comfortable.

The Privacy Battle Goes Mobile

While the privacy battles continue, there is a new arena: the automobile. The top marketing officer for Ford Motors recently stated, “We have GPS in your car, so we know what you're doing. By the way, we don’t supply that data to anyone.” This of course, sparked a firestorm of controversy bringing much needed attention to the subject. Alisa Priddle from the Detroit Free Press wrote an excellent article on the subject saying in part,

Holiday driving is full of distractions

Are you doing enough to protect your workers on the road?

The Trimble Road Ahead report revealed that 80% of field service organizations believe that health and safety is a higher priority than five years ago.

With the start of the holiday season, roads can be more hazardous with distracted drivers rushing to shops and holiday events in worsening weather. As growing legal, financial and brand consequences cause companies greater exposure in terms of road safety, managing fleet risk has become of ever-increasing importance.

Who Will Win Professional Fleet Manager of the Year?

We know that the Fleet Industry is changing on a daily basis and understand that it is hard to manage a fleet. Automotive Fleet magazine annually recognizes a Professional Fleet Manager of the year to thank them for their hard work and dedication. They have recently narrowed down the candidates to the top three. This year's finalists include: Donna Bibbo of Novo Nordisk, Dick Malcom of State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., and Brandon Morris of DIRECTV.

Does Your Fleet Need Fleet Fuel Cards?

We have seen some clients use fleet fuel cards throughout the years, and others not. We have always wondered how a Fleet Administrator makes the decision on whether or not to use them. Thanks to this article from Automotive Fleet Magazine our questions have been answered! If you do not currently use fleet fuel cards for your fleet, this article might be a good read. Below are a few key takeaways from the article.

Analyze Your Fleets Needs.

How Will This Proposal Affect You?

There has been an ongoing conversation since May about whether or not the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) plans to drop driver inspection reports if there are no defects. Now three months after the initial conversations, they have officially decided to move forward with the proposal. The proposal has two main goals-- saving money while still promoting safety regulations and also to reduce paperwork.

It's Looking like This Year and Next will be Filled with Major Construction

We see it every year... construction popping up on our respected highways. But large construction projects for both 2013 and 2014 are making this year's headlines. Stretching from coast to coast, major undertakings are being announced across the country. Not only will these projects affect commuting and travel time, there are also the increased tolls to cover these costs that travelers need to keep an eye out for. See below for a few projects that might affect your commute not only in the upcoming months but also 2014.

Innovative Technology is the Key to Success

We like to keep an eye out for new and upcoming automotive technology. Most recently the folks over at IPA caught our attention with their new products for tires. We all know that without properly cared for tires your vehicle will make it nowhere! Below we've highlighted a few of their products we are looking forward to getting our hands on. Also check out their site to see what else they have to offer!

IPA: IPA Tools

What we're excited about:

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