How Do You Prepare for Long Distance Drives? Check Out Our Helpful Tips!

Long distance drives can be daunting. We have some tips to help pass the time and make sure you make it to your new location safely.

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Tips to pass the time: Bring a snack! Avoid making unnecessary stops on your way to your destination.

Don't forget your favorite CDs or forget to set a new playlist on your iPod.

Enjoy the scenery! Don't forget to view all the places you are traveling through.

Bring an audiobook.

Play a few car games! Check out a list here: Road Trip Games

Tips on how to ensure a safe trip:

Check your headlights and taillights-- You don't need to be caught off guard during your evening drives, also avoid a silly ticket!

Check your oil levels-- Never hurts to make sure your up-to-date with your oil changes before heading out onto the open road.

Check your tire pressure-- Avoid a flat and extend your tires life. Also, low tire pressure can affect how quickly you can maneuver your vehicle.

Keep an emergency kit and/or first aid kit in your trunk. Never hurts to be prepared!

Check to make you have essentials to help you make it through a vehicle breakdown. Do you have jumper cables, a spare-tire, jack, etc.?

Make your route as easy as possible and bring along your GPS.

Avoid having unpaid or missed tolls. Bring along your iPass or keep a jar of change with you!