This information will be very helpful for you and will make you aware of what to expect from your transportation company.

Is your

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured.

Can I pay a deposit or full amount

Yes, we accept major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and Discover for deposit. If you wish to pay the full amount add a 3.5% surcharge for making a full payment on your credit card.

will my vehicle be transported on?

We do have open carriers that hold 8 to 10 vehicles, so your vehicle will be put on an open carrier. We also offer enclosed carriers and it will be more expensive than an open carrier, but upon request, we can provide you with a quote. We recommend the use of an enclosed carrier for antique vehicles, classic cars, etc.

for me to get my car?

Normally, a time frame of 7 to 10 days is standard in the industry depending on location, distance, weather conditions, traffic, and time of the year. Our company will inform you ahead of time if there are any delays, but keep in mind we have 10 vehicles on the truck, so things do happen. Our truck drivers will do their best to keep you informed if there is any kind of delay due to any of the above reasons.

What kind of items can I put on my car and

Our company will allow up to 80-100 pounds of personal belongings as long as they are placed in the trunk. Personal belongings will not be insured. You will have to contact your personal insurance agent to insure personal property. Our company will only insure the vehicle itself. We do not recommend packing any breakable or fragile items in the vehicle during the time of transporting.

What is to have my vehicle picked up?

Normally, depending on the time of the year and location, it will take anywhere between 1-3 working days. Plan ahead of time if you are going to be leaving before the transport company picks up your vehicle – have a second contact as alternate person who can give the automobile to the carrier (relative, friend, co-worker, boss, etc.). We will need a signature upon pick up of the vehicle before we can load the vehicle on the truck.

Will this be a SERVICE?

Our trucks are normally 10 car haulers. These trucks are 80 feet long and 14 feet wide. The truck driver will try to get as close as possible to your place of residence, but sometimes if they are not allowed to park in a residential area, you will have to meet them at a designated area where the truck can legally park.

What should a customer do if their

The very first thing that the customer should do is make certain that the driver understands that the damage is new and was not on the original bill of lading. The damaged should clearly be marked and noted, then signed for by the driver. Upon completion of delivery, a call should be placed to your carrier or broker to inform them of the damage. In most cases, the carrier will ask for an estimate and pictures, and will send you payment in a couple of weeks. If the carrier is non-responsive and unwilling to work with you to resolve the issue, make certain you contact their insurance company and make a formal claim. Be certain, however, that you have all proper documentation to back up your claim – false claims will result in legal action by the carrier or the agent.

Is the primary or secondary?

There is no such thing as secondary and primary? Insurance works as follows: Most carriers hold one million dollars ($1,000,000)combined single limit and two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($250,000) per accident. This insurance covers damage done to your vehicle in transit. The auto transport carrier is the main and only coverage. (Exception: Personal items stored in the automobile are not covered by any carrier insurance and in most cases if lost, stolen or otherwise, will not be covered.)

How do I from CLR Auto Transport/Fleet Care Transport?

You would call our toll free number (1-888-257-2677 or 1-855-358-9900) and ask for a user name and password from our customer service representative. This user name and password will be exclusive to your account. You can then enter our client portal from our website and request a quote from our Fleet Quick Quote page. You can also fax (1-219-795-1456) the request to our office. You can also email us at any time to obtain information you may need. Following are the email addresses, depending on your needs: for any questions you might have email contactus@clrauto.com – to place orders email order@clrautotransport.com – to check the status of your vehicle (driven or via transport) email tracking@clrautotransport.com.

How do I communicate with CLR Auto Transport/Fleet Care Transport when I regarding a specific vehicle?

Using the CLR Auto Transport/Fleet Care Transport Status Update Request function, you will be able to request a status update on a
particular vehicle or enter comments regarding that vehicle in the Comment text box. Someone from our Customer Service Department will get back to you within two (2) hours during normal business hours, or if your request is made after office hours, we will respond to your request by the next day. You can also call our toll free number or fax any requests to us regarding your account or a particular vehicle.

Can you supply my driver with a so they can legally operate their vehicle during the time that our company or FCT is applying for tags and State plates?

Yes. CLR Auto Transport/Fleet Care Transport can provide your driver with a temporary operating tag while the permanent tags or plates are being applied for in their State. There is a fee for this service and your customer service representative can make you aware of these charges. For this type of service you will need to specify ahead of time if you are going to require us to provide such service, so we can communicate with our driver and let him/her know.

What happens if one of your drivers picks up one of my units and discovers that there is some

Our drivers are instructed that if they should pick up a vehicle and notice that there is a serious safety or mechanical issue they are to call our office immediately for instructions. Our customer service staff would then contact you to make you aware of the situation so that you can determine your next course of action. We would not want our drivers or your employee to operate an unsafe vehicle, so before proceeding to deliver, we would advise you of what needs to be done to the vehicle to make it road worthy. CLR Auto Transport/Fleet Care Transport has national account programs with several national repair facilities and can provide most types of service to your vehicle at fleet account pricing.

We sometimes all across the country. Can CLR Auto Transport/Fleet Care Transport handle that?

Yes we can. CLR Auto Transport/Fleet Care Transport has storage capabilities nationwide. Our network of secure outdoor facilities offers protection for your vehicles. Access is granted only to those with authorized accounts. You can be confident that your vehicle will be in secure locations which are monitored around the clock.

If I have the need for can CLR Auto Transport/Fleet Care Transport handle that service?

Of course. However, you must understand that when you request transportation by truck for single or multi-unit transport, we will not be able to guarantee the on-time delivery of that vehicle since we will need to depend on independent contracted carriers. We strongly recommend that use of our pro-driver service to insure timely delivery and professional service.

Will my driver be responsible for once the vehicle is delivered?

Never! The CLR Auto Transport/Fleet Care Transport Logistics Department makes sure that our drivers are prepared and informed on how to get to the pick-up location and return from the delivery point with no involvement from your company or employees.


Antennas: Antennas should be lowered or removed. Temporary antennas or CB radios should be removed.

Truck Caps & Canopies: Truck caps and canopies on pick-up trucks must be properly secured to the truck to ensure safe delivery.

Vehicle Wash: In order to do a good condition report, please present the vehicle to the transportation company in good and clean condition. This will allow our drivers a quick and fair vehicle inspection prior to shipment.

Keys and Keyless Entry Devices: CLR Auto Transport/Fleet Care Transport Vehicle Transport and Storage Services require all keys and keyless entry devices for your vehicle.

Fuel Level: Fuel levels should be reduced to approximately 1/4 tank in all tanks.

Alarms: Alarms should be turned off. If there are special instructions required to disarm an alarm, please let us know. CLR Auto Transport/Fleet Care Transport is not responsible for drained batteries as a result of something that has not been turned off.

Windshield Damage: If your vehicle glass has nicks, scratches, chips or cracks, CLR Auto Transport/Fleet Care
Transport will not be responsible for damage caused by existing conditions.

Luggage and Bike Racks: Non-permanent luggage, bike or ski racks should be removed.