Does Your Fleet Need Fleet Fuel Cards?

We have seen some clients use fleet fuel cards throughout the years, and others not. We have always wondered how a Fleet Administrator makes the decision on whether or not to use them. Thanks to this article from Automotive Fleet Magazine our questions have been answered! If you do not currently use fleet fuel cards for your fleet, this article might be a good read. Below are a few key takeaways from the article.

Analyze Your Fleets Needs.

-Do all drivers need a fuel card?
-Do you, the fleet administrator, plan on limiting fuel purchases? Will you provide cash advances?
-Will the drivers be traveling to locations where these fuel cards are accepted?

Analyze Your Options

There are many options for fleet fuel card providers. This article does a great job comparing competitors in a table that analyzes advantages and offerings from each provider.

Ask the Right Questions Be sure to ask about the basic features and numerous additional features that each provider offers. Here are a few questions to ask a provider as well.

-Do you offer online account management?
-What is the overall value of the by introducing this program into your fleet?
-What type of reports are available to you?
-What type of controls and limits can you set on the cards?

For more tips and the full article click here:
Does Your Fleet Need Fleet Fuel Cards?