How Will This Proposal Affect You?

There has been an ongoing conversation since May about whether or not the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) plans to drop driver inspection reports if there are no defects. Now three months after the initial conversations, they have officially decided to move forward with the proposal. The proposal has two main goals-- saving money while still promoting safety regulations and also to reduce paperwork.

If this proposal is approved Anthony Foxx, Transportation Secretary, is estimating that they could save well over $1.5 billion annually. That is an astounding number!This proposal would affect a large number of people--in turn, they are asking those who would be affected to weigh-in on the matter.

So far it looks like the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. How do you feel? Feel free to comment here or send us a tweet with your opinions on the proposal. Our Twitter page can be found here:
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You can read more about the proposal and how the ATA feels about it here:
FMCSA Proposal