It's Looking like This Year and Next will be Filled with Major Construction

We see it every year... construction popping up on our respected highways. But large construction projects for both 2013 and 2014 are making this year's headlines. Stretching from coast to coast, major undertakings are being announced across the country. Not only will these projects affect commuting and travel time, there are also the increased tolls to cover these costs that travelers need to keep an eye out for. See below for a few projects that might affect your commute not only in the upcoming months but also 2014.

* We will be sure to add to this as we see more and more projects being announced.

OHIO- The Ohio Turnpike is borrowing a hefty sum in 2014 in order to upgrade the route and majority of it's infrastructure. As a result, tolls will be increasing by at least 2.7%.

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WASHINGTON- Construction has begun to restore the collapsed bridge located on I-5.Expect to see delays and detours. The crews are working on constructing a 4-lane permanent fix that will officially be added after Labor Day.

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