Bus Services

CLR Auto Transport specializes in providing world-class driveaway services including Bus Services. Whether you are looking to transport motor coaches or special buses, like alternative fuel and high tech transit buses, CLR Transport has got it covered.

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Bus Service Special Requirements:  Often times, bus fleets require special handling such as cooling stops, fluid level checks and tire inspections at periodic intervals. Our professional, highly trained drivers are experienced in delivering the special requirements of Bus DriveAway Services.

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Assigned Customer Service Representative: Each account is assigned a single customer service representative who will be the point of contact for the delivery. The customer service representative works as a liaison between the drivers and the customer, coordinating all necessary communications and logistics for the delivery.

Comprehensive Bus Inspection: Buses are inspected and the condition is reported to a customer representative at both the pick-up and delivery point.    



CLR Auto Transport can provide safe, on-time transport of your bus fleet. Contact us the next time your specialized project needs a professional transport provider!