Low-Cost Vehicle Storage Services

Secure Outdoor Storage

store with us!

Our network of secure outdoor facilities offers protection for your vehicles. Access is granted only to those with authorized accounts. You can be confident that your vehicle will be in secure locations which are monitored around the clock.

Our Service Sets Us Apart

The same fast, reliable service you have counted on from CLR for vehicle relocation is what you can count on for vehicle storage. In most cases, we can pick-up vehicles for storage within 24-48 hours of the request. When the clock is ticking and you need that vehicle out of service or returned to active service, you can count on us to meet your deadlines.

Lowest Rates Available

We have negotiated the lowest possible rates. We challenge you to find another company with lower rates on a nationwide basis. How important is that to your bottom line? Do you want to spend your fleet budget on vehicles that are out of service or on the vehicles that are in service?

Largest Nationwide Network

With more than 4000 storage facilities nationwide, we can guarantee that we can store your vehicles convenient to any location in your network of offices. This means reduced costs in transportation fees to and from those storage facilities because the vehicle isn't moved as far. Bottom line: you save money twice – once on our storage fees; once on lower transport fees. It's a win-win.

Call one of our customer service representatives today. We'll show you how you can experience the best in customer service, timely response and price when storing vehicles with CLR Auto Transport.

Why Store Your Vehicles With CLR? The CLR Advantage:

  • Lower costs for fleet management. Vehicles which are out of service will not take as big a dent out of your budget, enabling you to dedicate more of your resources to your active fleet vehicles – the vehicles which help keep your company profitable.
  • With more than 4000 storage locations nationwide, your vehicles can be stored for convenient retrieval, as they are needed for active service.
  • Our quick response time – generally 24-48 hours – can get your out of service vehicles stored quickly or newly activated vehicles retrieved quickly.
  • All sites are secure and gated. Limited access means the vehicles will remain in the condition they were received in. You don't have to worry about damages and maintenance issues.
  • CLR fully insures the vehicles during storage. CLR covers all vehicles in our care.
  • Quality customer service and vehicle care you have come to expect from CLR Auto Transport.
  • Low daily, weekly and monthly rates. Our rates are among the lowest in the industry.