professional driveaway service!


CLR covers the A to Z..of Point Point B.

Professional drive away is a specialty service at CLR. We’ve developed a carefully choreographed system that will “straighten the line” between each pick up and delivery. Response is lightening-fast, with network-based computer tracking and real-time road and weather monitoring to insure that prompt means safe. Professional drivers are selected, screened and meticulously trained the “CLR way”, so that each driver meets the same critical standard. Our service includes personal automobiles, light and medium duty trucks and vans, as well as heavy duty commercial trucks and specialty vehicles. CLR Auto Transport is prepared to handle single vehicles or multiple vehicle relocations.

At The Finish Line, We Review The Bottom Line.

Quality Measurement: Every customer is contacted after the delivery is completed to assess their experience. Customer feedback has produced the refinements that make CLR Transport the best in the business.

Ever Wonder What Your Vehicle Looks Like From 50 Miles Up?

Vehicle Tracking: We take vehicle tracking seriously. We receive direct feedback from drivers twice daily while en route. Updates are provided to you, so you know location and condition - in real time. Customers are able to track their vehicles on-line via the CLR Auto Transport website.

We Treat Each Vehicle As If It belongs To The Boss. Because It Does.

Condition, Care, Correction...

Vehicle CONDITION Report: CLR Auto Transport provides a cosmetic vehicle condition report of every vehicle delivered. The report is reviewed and confirmed with the customer's representative at pick-up and delivery.

Vehicle CARE: All vehicles are exterior washed and interior vacuumed prior to delivery, so you’ll receive your vehicle in a ready-to-drive condition. The fuel level at delivery is at least half full. Drivers are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke in any vehicle. Vehicles are driven in accordance with all posted traffic laws and road conditions.

Vehicle Repairs ("CORRECTION"): Should a mechanical breakdown ever occur, you’ll be notified by CLR immediately. If the vehicle requires repairs prior to a scheduled delivery, CLR Auto Transport will work with you to secure repairs through your warranty or maintenance provider. Should the vehicle not be under a warranty or maintenance agreement, CLR will complete necessary repairs with approval from the customer's authorized representative and bill the customer for the required repair work at the time of the vehicle's delivery.

We Hate Voicemail As Much As You Do.

After Hours Customer Support: CLR Auto Transport provides emergency contact numbers so you’ll have access to our customer services any time, around the clock, 365 days a year.

Nobody Walks.

Rental Reimbursement: If, at any time, CLR Auto Transport is unable to provide delivery of the vehicle within the prescribed time frame, or in instances when a vehicle is involved in an accident requiring repairs, the customer will be provided with a rental car for use until such time as the customer's vehicle is deliverable. Some restrictions apply.


DOT Drivers: Any vehicle in excess of 10,000 pounds requires a driver meeting DOT-IFTA criteria, including a valid Commercial Driver's License, random drug and alcohol screening, maintenance of a daily log book and fuel usage reports.

Driver Transportation: CLR Auto Transport provides transportation for all drivers to all pick up locations and from all delivery locations. All logistics are handled by CLR Auto Transport staff. The expenses are included as part of the rate quoted for the delivery with no additional fees or surcharges.

Additional Services:

CLR Auto Transport offers the following menu of services to customers at additional fees :

  • License and title registration
  • Temporary 30 days tags
  • Emission testing
  • VIN Inspections
  • Tire Rotation
  • Oil Change
  • Fluid Flushing and Fill
  • Complete Detail Service
  • Other General Maintenance upon customer request

After Hours Customer Support: Emergency contact phone numbers are provided for after-hours support, seven days a week.

Online Tracking: Customers can track the progress of their orders via the CLR Auto Transport Website.

Electronic Billing: CLR Auto Transport is set up for EFT billing, corporate credit card and a traditional 15-30 days invoice system.

Quality Assurance: CLR Auto Transport routinely reviews the performance of each driver and sub-contractor. Every delivery includes a survey to assess our performance. Additionally, a follow-up call is placed from a customer service representative to evaluate the customer’s experience.

Volume Discounts: CLR Auto Transport offers volume discounts programs to attract and retain large volume customers. The terms and conditions of all volume discounts are based upon specific order and are negotiated individually with each customer.